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Social Media Trends You Can Apply in 2018

The New Year is going, and you’re backed in the office to work hard on your New Year’s resolutions and planning. And if you are a marketer, you may also look to improve your considered plan for success in 2018.

But before you confirm your social media approach for the year, it’s significant to look at what’s in front to make sure that you’re assigning your time and efforts rightfully

In this post, Innovative Digital Marketing, digital marketing agency in delhi, will jump into what we consider social media managers should be expecting in 2018, and how to plan for these changes.

social media optimization - digital marketing agency in delhi

1. Live Video Content – Continue to Grow

Before this month, Facebook publicized changes to its News Feed algorithm that will once again move the type of content users to be from their friends and family as an alternative of the Pages they follow.

In other words, posts those ember the maximum amount of conversation among users — particularly when shared by those in their own individual networks — are predictable to rank better.

And the one kind of content that Facebook highlighted as considering the most engagement? Live video. According to FB, Live Videos receive 6X engagement as non-live ones, which divine well for their sharability and possible for such appointment as comments and Likes.

2. Messaging Apps – Critical Communication Method

If you are just thinking about messaging apps such as FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat as substitutes to traditional text messaging, think once more messaging apps are used by almost 4 billion users globally, and there is a great prospect for brands to influence this presence.

More exclusively, many brands are using messaging apps to converse one-on-one with customers, which are totally changing the way customer service gets done. These apps give a quicker and easier way for customers to get the help they need, quite than being placed on hold or waiting for a returned email. Setting up messaging for customer service is more scalable and gainful for businesses, and by offering a better experience for the customer, brands can resolve their problems rapidly and keep them more easily.

3. Virtual Reality – More & More Marketing Experiences

Virtual reality is still a bit new to the advertising scene, and in 2018, we forecast the market will get still trendier. As per the Consumer Technology Association’s 2018 Tech Trends to Watch, virtual reality is anticipated to observe an 18% increase in profits, and a 25% increase in units sold.

What is unique about virtual reality is that it promotes engagement by offering an immersive, outstanding experience unlike any other means and brands are rapidly recognizing that worth. Innovative Digital Marketing has immense experience in this segment and providing advanced digital marketing services in delhi to improve ROI of your business.

4. More Channels – Difficult to Monetize Content

Social channels are under increasingly pressure to build their networks safer to use — that appears to be explaining to it becoming harder for brands to increase visibility on them.

We don’t expect this examination retreating anytime soon, which means that this trend is a bit marketers should bear in mind for 2018. But in the face of these advanced barriers, the best way to be exposed on social media continues to be by creating high-quality, adapted content that’s appropriate to the audience you’re trying to reach.

5. Voice Search & AI – Help Users Discover Brands & Content

Voice-controlled personal assistants are being made into everything, from smart speakers, to TVs, to mobile devices. And as the development of independent vehicle technology carries on to progress, it’s about confident that voice activation will be built into self-driving cars, too. All the while, these voice-powered devices that react and complete our verbal commands are learning more about us.

Social media is frequently changing, and one forecast we didn’t take in above is to get ready for anything. And if you are not sure where to get on track with your social media plan, don’t worry – Innovative Digital Marketing, digital marketing company in delhi, got you covered.


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