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11 Website Development Trends to Pay Attention In 2018

Web development is a rapidly growing one and has developed extremely in its short life span since its origin. This development has assisted web technology to reach a huge number of people and has also driven out to be quite helpful. One can bring in benefits of technology by applying in its early stages and not in its peak. Here are a few of the most admired web development trends that must be a part of your web development campaign and must be executed in 2018 as it is expected to effect the web development industry.

11 website development trends - website development company in delhi

Innovative Digital Marketing is a leading website development company in delhi and described here some key topics.

  • Chatbots, AI, & Machine Learning

Giving a better user experience is the planned target of every website owner. Answering the user’s question and helping them in their task is similarly required. The conversion with chatbots has been growing day by day and has reached out to a variety of platforms like social media websites, e-commerce websites, apps, and many more such platforms. With the passing year, the AI and machine learning has been capable to become smart and can now resolve even the difficult problems. It can also give better customer service to the users and also make it resourceful.

  • Virtual Truth & Increased Reality Video

The fast growth in the internet speed access to the public has helped the users to use content, where videos turn out to be a major form of data spending. Currently, it has not been able to turn into fairly popular as it is a bit expensive to design the video and apply it on the website. This can also help you to give a better experience for the users, and even get enhanced sales.

  • Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the set of devices that are linked to the internet and help to supply better services to the people. It improves the competence and correctness of the gadget. These can be linked to the internet and can be used to make an enjoyable experience. These websites can help you to cooperate with your smart devices with simplicity.

  • Progressive Web Apps

These days, mobiles devices make a considerable segment of web traffic with a share of more than 50% web traffic. The apps give the most to make traffic as it is easier and faster to access websites. The mobile apps are liable for 89% of the total mobile time. Progressive web apps are web applications that are pretty similar to the mobile application but are web pages or websites in nature. These have the benefit of both the web browsers and apps and also give a better user experience to the users.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

Even if you are not planning to design a PWA for your website, one of the best thing is to make sure that the website that you design is mobile friendly. It ensures that the site looks equally go on the mobile as well. To make a mobile-friendly website, many elements need to be optimized, as images used, effects, animations, site speed, font, layout, design and many more such options. It also needs to be tested for different mobile devices so that they look the best on these.

  • Push Notification

Push notifications are also a new fashion, generally provided by web development company in delhi now a days, which is used in mobile and web applications. This gives notice the users about new messages on their desktop. It can be used to send direct message to your users regarding certain things like sales, new blog posts, and other such notifications.

  • Motion UI

A soft animation is an essential on the website and is becoming quite trendy. This is anticipated to grow even more in 2018. Motion UI is gaining popularity, as using the same the developers can decide to animate their content without stressed with JavaScript or jQuery.

  • Voice User Interface

Nowadays, voice assistant is quite trendy as it has now turned out to be available on mobile, PCs, and many other platforms as well. There are plentiful voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexan, and many other third-party apps as well. Nowadays voice user interfaces can recognize and act on composite voice commands as well.

  • Single-Page Websites

Single page websites have turn out to be a trend at the present time. In this case, the various parts of the site are positioned on a single long page. In this, the users can scroll to different sections of the website. It offers the advantage of simplicity as there is an absence of complex and deep menu and is mobile friendly as the users can quite simply scroll with the tap of a finger.

  • Concentration on Images

Images are quite appropriate in today’s world as the pictures find a far better reaction than textual content. It is because the images put across the information faster and in a more reachable way as evaluated to the text-based content. A correct image helps catch the attention of new customers and also boost the sales. Various forms of images are used in the websites like the info-graphic, cover image, and other such images.

  • Security

Security of the website is relatively important as there are a big number of attacks that have been taking place. A variety of web browsers notify the users about any terrible site. Apart from these, the secure websites obtain a better ranking on search engines as evaluate to the ones that are insecure.

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